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Digital Marketing

for the conscious and creative





Comprehensive social media management from Amara Collective. We analyze your audience, strategize content, and send you performance reports along they way to help you meet your marketing goals.

We also monitor your digital reputation, addressing consumers concerns promptly while spurring positive reviews for your business.


With over eight years of marketing experience, we know what people like to see. It helps that we’re people too.

We help you reach a larger audience through strategic PPC campaigns, utilizing A/B testing and providing holistic campaign results. 

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We have a team of professional photographers to come in and document anything you can imagine, from food to fundraisers we have you covered. 


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You want to make a difference. You believe in the power of community. But, you want to do things differently and you want to do them right. So do we. 

We offer digital marketing for the socially conscious and creative. Content, strategy, and analytics produced by people that care. We want to focus on building an online community that is organic and passionate about what you do. Because you are, and we are too.